She composes two traditional techniques and moves them into a contemporary, new „art“ - light and brings about a new, exciting aspect to her art.
„THE BLUE EROS“ and „THE RED MORPHEUS“ are two of these projects and have already been successfully staged and performed during openings and festivals like at the Smart Illiumination Festival Yokohama and at the Rioharpfestival. With her compositions influenced by minimal music and her typical style of playing, she creates an esthetic experience that merges the sensations of colours, sounds and light to one unit. 

For many years, she has been working on the dualism of both art forms, visual art and music. In the future, her artistic focus will be on her serigraphy - the artistic silk screen.

The large format serigraphs, the artistic silkscreen, are her sole passion in her art. In her large-format serigraphs, her central work, she plays with the contrast between soft systems and monumental sophistication.
Urban geometries are combined with powerful colour surfaces, which possess another reference character through her delicate dots. The spontaneous, manual positioning of the screen on canvas generates unique, unreproducible works with fascinating haptics. In addition to this independent work, she sees it as an artistic challenge, to combine the serigraphs and her harp play by changing components to create a new complete work of art.