From Moscow to Vladivostok
Impressions along the Transsiberian railway
by Martina Stock

The project TRANSFERENZ (= transference) has been inspired by a journey with the Transsiberian Railway along the route from Moscow to Vladivostok in 2010. TRANSFERENZ was the first project to feature the artist´s characteristic approach – powerful colour surfaces combined with fine detail, that has characterized her work from then on. She combines the power pole, a re-accuring motive of this journey, with coloured surfaces of the landscapes of Siberia. The artistic silk screen, the serigraphy, is the passion of her artistic oevre. The varying moments and emotional states create a play of form, structure and colour. The spontaneous, manual positioning of the screen on paper and her sensitivity for colour and contrast, both combined with intuition, create unique, non-reproducible works with fascinating contrasts.


TRANSFERENZ: #1 - #22 | serigraphy on paper |  72 x 89 cm | 2010 – 2016

TRANSFERENZ: #1 - #22 | Serigrafie auf Museumskarton |  72 x 89 cm | 2010 – 2016