My artistic work includes the expressive forms of serigraphy in the field of visual arts and the concert harp,
which I complement with loops and electronic musical elements.
In doing so, I am fascinated by experiencing the artistic world in the most diverse dimensions and drawing viewers or listeners into this world.
In addition to exhibitions and solo concerts, I combine serigraphy with the harp, thereby generating a visual and acoustic composition - a universal combination rolled into one.

My serigraphs are based mostly on my own photographic motifs, which I then abstract, combine in parts, and embed in pictorial components.
By doing so, I create a context of new reality and fiction in the form of multi-layered imagery.
In the course of this process a very unique aesthetic emerges which would not be possible in painting or photography alone.

The creative process as such also inspires me: from the manual positioning of the screen on the canvas, to painting with the squeegee on the screen, to the application of the colors, to the creation of the half-tone dots and print marks, all of which are defining components of my work.

In my audio-visual installations I aim to establish another level of perception of my artwork for the observer; with the harp I am the director of my imagery, much like a musical storyteller, thus serving as a guide to my art.