silkscreen – harp – lightning screen

audiovisual performance with exhibition 

a local project
 by martina stock

THE CLACKING MILL  is an audiovisual performance/exhibition that was created by Martina Stock for a historical place, the "7 mills" in Pfarrwerfen. The region and place itself mark the images of the art work.
Recordings of the creaking and clattering of the mills, the water, the creaking of the wood and the blowing of the wind, create the basis for the installation composed music by Martina Stock.
The layering of the individual soundtracks in the loopstation, underlaid by electronic soundscapes, results an extraordinary sound experience, which is covered by a melody of the harp - Layer by layer.
Layers and traces reflect also moments of the mill.
For the first time, the lightning screens, developed by the artist, were integrated in an art project.
An important part of the screen printing technology are the screens, who now become an artwork themselves and create a symbiosis with the large-scale serigraphs and harp playing.
The result is an exciting dialogue of light, darkness and sounds.