The project was part of the BERLIN ART WEEK
and was premiered on the 15 of September 2016 in the Starke Foundation Berlin.

Supported by
Salzburger Festspiele
bildrecht wien
Stadt Salzburg
Rohdesohn Leipzig
Rechtsanwaltssozietät Liebert & Röth Berlin
Stiftung Starke Berlin

©lightsystemHARP Martina Stock

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audiovisual performance & exhibition
serigraphy – e-harp - mirror

Martina Stock conceived the project “THE RED MORPHEUS” as a continuation of her first exhibition, which she had titled with "THE BLUE EROS". At that time, the color blue featured strongly in the artist´s work. Here, she focused on red, making this color the centre of her artistic work. Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, stands for the intention that Martina Stock pursued with this presentation. To lead the viewers into a dream sequence, in which they not only discover the artist´s latest works but are also confronted with themselves and become part of the production.As a whole and as a fragment and in constant movement, just as a dream that suddenly produces images, repeats and combines them, Martina Stock transformes the exhibition space into a dream sequence. Passing through the exhibition, the visitors move through an installation – navigating through a room designed and structured by free hanging serigraph´s. This allows for a deep insight into the emergence of the powerful pieces of the artist's current work. Strong contrasts of representational motives are an invittion to become immersed in the creative process.

Though self reflection in the infinite mirror, allows the viewer to become one with the work and fuse the sensory impressions of colors, sounds and light. The exhibition was opened with an audiovisual performance, in which the artist merged her pictures with her harp play into a total art work - GESAMTKUNSTWERK, supported by the sound artist Davide Luciani. The loop, the recurring motif of her piece of music, is also reflected in her fine art: during the exhibition, she developed another series of serigraphs, based on photographic self-productions in the space she created.