serigraphy and harp
installation with audiovisual performance

THE WISE MUSES is the new audiovisual project of the Salzburg artist Martina Stock.
She unites her two worlds of her artistic expressive form into a wonderfully touching staging of modern visual art and her energetic harp playing.
The muses, the patron goddesses of art and namesake of the worldwide collection places, the sanctuary of the muses, the museum, are reinterpreted by the artist in this installation. The focus of her work here in Gräfelfing which was created especially for this exhibition, is a 3 m x 3 m large serigraph of an urban cityscape of Berlin and Munich. Even in the confrontation of these two metropolises of Germany, the beautiful and clean Munich and the wild and unruly Berlin, the wonderful contrasts of her work are conceptualized in content. Fine architectural structures on powerful color surfaces create a new urban city, in a new musical dimension.

"Protect" leaves the Austrian her great work of the white muses of our and her home in the Alps. The inspiration for her fine art she gets from there, in the areas around Salzburg, where she grew up and took her first artistic steps. The powerful mount peaks of the Alps have already captivated generations of artists in their magical spell. Two peaks have been changed by her and interpreted by her with the rich variety of light and shadow brought it on canvas. With the expressive form of the artistic silkscreen, the serigraphy, a completely new landscape painting emerged here. The structures of the peaks and the rock flow seamlessly into each other. Her unique color and visual language can also be recognized here quite independently. The pictorial part of the installation is framed by a perspectiv city view. The fascination how the structures grow and change with each viewing exercise a magical allure to the viewer. Here too, the play of light, color and perspective is combined with ease, allowing the works of art to float into a new dimension.

Not enough of all these impressions of color and surfaces, the artist manages to give the work another artistic level. With the instrument of the angel, the harp, she gives here in the holy place also another extraordinary ability to the best. Self-composed and arranged, she will put the visitors into a dream and spiritual mode with the piece of THE WISE MUSES. Not church music in the classical sense, but music to dream with and between her art.

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