audiovisual performance & exhibition
with projection mapping
serigraphy - harp - lightchoreography

With her preferred artistic expression, the serigraphy - the artistic silkscreen, the artist has put a traditional technique into a "new light" and combined her two favorite art forms, the visual art and music. Already with "PEOPLE MOVE PEOPLE", which was developed in collaboration with Antony Raijekof for the Long Night of the Museums in Salzburg 2013 , Martina Stock gathered a first experience linking the two genres. As a "Artist in Residence" at the Starke Foundation Berlin in 2015, she realised the project "THE BLUE EROS" – a combination of serigraphy and harp.

Red and blue are the poles of her color cosmos, they are characteristic of her previous work. In the project "THE BLUE EROS", these colors are again the focus of her work. Especially in the opening performance they determined in form and light, where they formed the basis of the "space atmosphere" and the "picture effect".

The light is important insofar as it let emerge a basic mood by becoming atmospheric. The movement of spots synchronized to the rhythm of the music over the pictures, a choreography out of light, sounds and images evolutes and "began to dance", when different sections were irradiated and highlighted. An alternating "color point game" with "sharpness and blurring" emerged.

In the opening performance this aspect will receive a significantly accentuating by the spot's choreography. The works open up a space of form, color, light and sound, through which the recipient is navigated by his imagination and exploring it by it´s own interpreting.
The flow of the self-composed music changes over to the floating "still pictures" making them seem to be „moving pictures“: the visitor is no longer confronted with exhibition objects, he will be integrated, involved in the dramaturgy strolling through this space of art.

The performance and exhibition "THE BLUE EROS" was premiered in the Foundation Starke Berlin on 15th of October 2015.
Supported by Land Salzburg, Stiftung Starke Berlin, Schmiede Academy Hallein
©lightsystemHARP Martina Stock

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